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Posted by: Johanna Fåglund

Usch vilken hemsk upplevelse :( Det är tur att du och dina nära mår bra i alla fall!

Svar: Ja, är så glad att alla mår bra!!
/Alma Bengtsson

2017-04-17 16:25:52

Posted by: Malin


Svar: Kram
/Alma Bengtsson

2017-04-10 17:31:54

Posted by: Henry

Hej Alma, thank you so much! My son has another language software on his pc, this was able to translate you long entry :-) . All the best for you and wish you everything beautiful with your family and friens at home, for the Eastern Festival! God thoughts and love, Henry

Svar: Thank you, glad you found a way to read my entry! Love, Alma
/Alma Bengtsson

2017-04-10 05:30:08

Posted by: alma

alltså :(:( blir så ledsen, glad att du mår bra

Svar: :'( Detsamma!!
/Alma Bengtsson

2017-04-09 20:42:47

Posted by: Maria Ekblad - nyföddfotograf i Göteborg

Så himla hemskt. :(

Svar: Verkligen :'(
/Alma Bengtsson

2017-04-09 08:56:47

Posted by: Henry

Hej Alma, thanks for your blog entry. My heart is with the victims and their families! I am glad, you and your friends are healthy and well. I am not so good with Swedish language. So, because you unfortunately have blocked some settings, google translator can not translate it in English. Also you have blocked the mark function of the text, it is impossible for me, to mark the text manually and put it in the translator areal. Perhaps it is possible for you to alter your blog, like oser bloggers, and offer a language translator. Thanks and best regards from your longtime follower. Göre det sa bra, Henry

Svar: Hello Henry! Thanks for your comment. I intend to translate this as soon as possible, I just needed to get this out there quickly. Check in again in a few days and you'll be able to read my story! Lots of love, Alma.
/Alma Bengtsson

2017-04-09 06:31:14